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Training Benefits

You will be amazed at the changes in your children and yourselves as you develop and evolve in the Martial Way, and challenge yourself in ways you have never before known.

Respect and Discipline
Kyokushin karate is very traditional, and relies heavily upon the rules of courtesy, respect, and self-discipline, invaluable lessons for children and adults alike.

Fitness and Strength Above all, the first change you will notice in yourselves and your children will be in your fitness level. This ideal combination of cardiovascular and strength training provides a well-rounded and effective fitness program for individuals of all ages and skill levels.

Kyokushin karate is notorious for fostering long-lasting, warm friendships. Many students return to karate year after year just to surround themselves with their Kyokushin family and to meet new people. Throughout the year there are many special events and tournaments held in Western Canada, where students come together to train and socialize.